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If one short video app has a feature, everyone should have it. This is the rule. YouTube brings the latest episode in the trend to us, introducing a feature for creators to respond to comments on their videos with shorts.

“Invite your audience to connect with you via this new feature by answering their questions in your shorts, receiving content requests, responding to comments in your videos, and anything else you come up with,” the company said. in the post.

This can be very useful for creators who may want to respond to some fan comments on a video as a follow up. Creating a short video to do this is easier and more formal than making a full video.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are a content creator, go to your video or short clip and open the comments section.
  • Click Reply to the comment you want to reply to.
  • Click on “Create Short” To create a short video with this comment.

The feature is currently rolling out to all creators on iOS with YouTube working on making it available for Android soon. The company is also testing a function to notify fans if a creator shows their comment in a feed.

Earlier this year, YouTube said 1.5 billion logged in users watch Short clips on YouTube every month. “Features like ‘Reply to a comment in a nutshell’ will give creators more prompts to create more content. This way, fans will also get more content to consume and potentially increasing overall YouTube viewership.”

YouTube is late for the “Reply With Short Video” party. TikTok introduced this feature Back in 2020 And launch Instagram His own version called “Reels Visual Replies” last December.

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