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As the most popular streaming service in the world, Youtube It can generate huge revenue from ads. If you are happy to watch or listen to ads, it is a win-win situation, but many people prefer to pay a subscription fee to remove ads and unlock additional features in YouTube Premium And Youtube music. Whether or not you’re one of those paying customers, you’ve probably wondered if YouTube Premium and Music has an annual subscription. It’s a bit complicated, but we’ll answer your questions here.

As a quick recap, YouTube Premium not only includes ad-free videos and music, but gives you background playback and offline downloads, as well as YouTube Music and YouTube Kids. YouTube Music alone omits ads and gives you background play and offline download options, but only for streaming music.

Does YouTube Premium and Music have an annual subscription?

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YouTube Premium and Music now have an annual subscription. This is a relatively recent development that began to be piloted in 2022.

This isn’t too surprising from the streaming giant. Proverbs Netflix And Spotify It also does not offer annual subscriptions. There’s little incentive for these services to give you a discount over 12 months when they know you’re unlikely to notice a monthly expense on a one-off payment and that you’ll most likely stay subscribed all year anyway.

You can sign up for these yearly plans in the same place you go for a monthly subscription. Where it starts to get a little clear is if you’re currently on a monthly plan for either service, since you can’t switch to an annual plan outright. But you can just cancel your current monthly plan and then enroll in the annual plan. Rest assured that your playlists and other features will remain the same because they are linked to your account rather than your subscription.

How much does an annual YouTube Premium and Music subscription cost?

YouTube Music annual pricing and YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium and Youtube Music all have individual, family, and student plans, but the individual option is only available as an annual plan. For both services, the annual subscription actually runs for 12 months for the price of $10.

YouTube Premium annual subscription costs $119.99. The Individual plan is $11.99 per month, which works out to $143.88 per year. So the savings are about $24 per year – or $2 per month.

YouTube Music annual subscription is $99.99. Since a month of service is $9.99 a month, the savings are about $20 over the course of a year, which comes out to about $1.67 each month.

Is the annual YouTube subscription available globally?

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YouTube annual subscriptions are not yet available globally, but they are offered in several major markets. So far, you can get the annual plan in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, India, and Japan.

You might expect this relatively new payment plan to be expanded to other regions if YouTube sees value in it, particularly other large economies in Europe.

Is an annual YouTube subscription worth it?

Is an annual YouTube Premium subscription worth it?

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Whether you’re looking for a monthly or yearly plan, it’s fair to say that a YouTube Music subscription isn’t worth it Comparison of the two YouTube services. YouTube Premium includes music and it’s only a few bucks a month with a lot of additional content that’s ad-free, so unless you’re only using YouTube Music, it’s Worth going for Premium on any payment plan.

Is an annual YouTube Premium subscription worth it? This is a more difficult question to answer. The actual savings of $2 per month is relatively modest. Not only do you have to commit an entire year to get this discount, but you also have to pay the entire amount up front.

If you know for a fact that you’ll be using the service fairly constantly — you can’t pause your subscription — for the next 12 months, and have the money to shell out, then it’s arguably worth it. Just keep in mind the flexibility to cancel that you lose on signing up.

For those with serious YouTube Music plans, the equation is different. If you lock in the $7.99 price tag while switching away from Google Play Music, even YouTube Music’s annual plan is more expensive than what you’re currently paying at around $8.33 per month. So it’s best to stick with the old option.


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