YouTube TV raises price to $72.99 per month due to higher “content costs”

Youtube has announce They are raising the YouTube TV subscription price to $72.99 per month. The new monthly price is an increase of $8 over the current monthly fee of $64.99. New members will see the new price starting today, while existing members will see the price change on April 18th. The Google-owned company blames the change on “content costs”. To soften the blow, the company announced that it’s lowering the price of its 4K Plus add-on from $19.99 per month to $9.99 per month.

“Due to rising content costs and as we continue to invest in the quality of our services, we will adjust the monthly cost, after 3 years, from $64.99 per month to $72.99 per month, in order to provide the best possible television service,” the company said in a statement. Tweet.

YouTube TV notes that this is the first price increase in three years. In July 2020 YouTube TV price From $49 to $64.99. The service debuted in 2017 at $35 per month.

The company said in Tweet. “We hope YouTube TV will continue to be your service of choice, but we want to give you the flexibility to cancel at any time.”

YouTube TV recently Announce a live broadcast deal with NFL Sunday Ticketwhich was previously only available through DirecTV in the United States. The deal is multi-year It said Worth $2 billion per season. Starting next season, the NFL Sunday Ticket will be available to two YouTube subscriber businesses as an add-on package on YouTube TV and as a standalone a la carte on YouTube Primetime channels. With YouTube TV becoming the new home for NFL Sunday Ticket this fall, the price hike doesn’t come as a shock, unfortunately.

It’s worth noting that YouTube TV isn’t the only service that has recently introduced a price increase, as its competitors have done the same. sling tv She raised her plans by $5 last November, and FuboTV too Pricing increases by $5 per month in january. Additionally, DirecTV Stream Implemented price increases from $5 to $10 In January, while Hulu Hulu Live TV bundle cost increased In December from $64.99/month to $69.99/month.

The price hike comes in the same week that YouTube TV has launched early access to “multi-view”, an option that allows viewers to watch up to four different pre-selected streams at the same time.

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